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We work directly with Government representatives to deliver a fast & secure process of acquiring your second passport. Depending on the country you choose, acquiring second citizenship is an expensive procedure, and requires a high level of trust from the perspective of both the client and the agent. Each year more and more frustrated business people whose passport restricts their commercial opportunities turn to EasyPassportsOnline for their long-respected expertise and hands-on assistance in achieving their dream of second passport and economic freedom.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in claiming one’s right to citizenship of a country, especially if there are several benefits that can be derived as a citizen. However, people should not acquire a second passport simply to become a citizen of another country. They should have valid sound reasons for acquiring a new passport and know exactly why they wish to become a citizen of another country, as not every country accepts the dual citizenship of its nationals.

We live in troubled times. Our world is full of restrictions; restrictions on how much we can earn, how we spend, what we can do with our money, where we can travel, where we can live and where we can work. Even more seriously, some of us face prejudice, prejudice against our religion, sexuality, even our very lives. Owning a new passport to a brand new country that is free from such restrictions, free from prejudice, that allows you to do whatever you want with your money is a truly liberating experience and one which is easily attainable thanks to

Benefits of a Second Passport

What a Second Passport & Dual Citizenship can do for you…

  • 1. More Visa-Free Travel for you and your family
  • 2. You always have a place to go (no matter what happens in your home country)
  • 3. Protection from Travel and Immigration Control
  • 4. Distancing yourself from foreign policy repercussions
  • 5. The potential to save tens (or even hundreds) of thousands in taxes
  • 6. The option to renounce your current citizenship

Four Ways ANYONE Can Get a Second Passport

  • 1. Citizenship by Ancestry
  • 2. Citizenship By Naturalization
  • 3. Citizenship By Investment
  • 4. Citizenship By Flexibility

How To Pick The Best Passport Option

Here are six factors you should consider before picking a passport option…

  • 1. The reputation of the country
  • 2. How well you blend into the country’s population
  • 3. The country’s tax system
  • 4. The passport’s visa-free travel options
  • 5. Whether the country allows multiple citizenship’s​
  • 6. The obligations & requirements of being a citizen​

Conclusion & Further Resources

Conclusion & Further Resources

If you are looking to acquire a second passport, the first step we recommend you take is to understand whether you qualify for citizenship by descent anywhere.

It is the easiest path that requires very little effort, time or money on your end.

Next, you should consider citizenship by naturalization – acquiring residency in a country for a few years before acquiring citizenship. 

There are several excellent programs out there right now. And some of them don’t require much time on the ground and are very cost effective.

If the situation fits you, and you are more flexible you can pursue other options like having a baby in Brazil or acquiring Israeli citizenship by converting to Judaism.

And last, if money isn’t a problem and that you are in a hurry, consider acquiring citizenship by investment

Once you’ve chosen which path is right for you, here’s how you can decide which passport is the best for your situation.

No matter what you choose, we encourage you to research your options – and then TAKE ACTION.

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