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What is a Diplomatic Passport?

A Diplomatic Passport is a type of travel document that is issued to an individual who wishes to travel overseas on official government business. Diplomatic passports are commonly issued to diplomats and consul workers who are stationed abroad.Delta Quest offers a wealth of knowledge in regards to obtaining a second passport. For more information, Contact Us.

How to get a Diplomatic Passport?

The diplomatic passport, which requires to meet lots of criteria among others, can only be submitted online it is only given to people with governmental duties. Applications for diplomatic e-passport can also be made on our contact page. 

Requirements for Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic e-passport applications are made to the Passport Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the following documents.

  • ID with identification number on it
  • Receipt of diplomatic e-passport fee to be delivered to the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs / PDGY / Diplomatic e-Passport Account” at the Foreign Ministry
  • Two biometric photographs (taken within the last 6 months)

You can find out other necessary documents on the page above. 

What Rights Do Diplomatic Passports Have?

Diplomatic passport holders have a high privilege than regular and other passport holders. For example; people with black passports can enter many countries without a visa

Who Can Get Diplomatic Passports?

Diplomatic passports are issued to officials working at certain levels of the state and to their families under certain conditions.

  • Members of parliament,
  • Ministers who are not members of the Parliament,
  • President and members of the Constitutional Court,
  • Supreme Court, Council of State, Military Court of Appeals, Military Supreme Administrative Court, Court of Disputes, Court of Accounts, First and Second Presidents of the General Staff,
  • Attorney General of the Republic,
  • Generals,
  • Admirals,
  • Former presidents,
  • Former presidents of the legislature,
  • Former prime ministers and foreign ministers,
  • Secretary-General of the Presidency,
  • Secretary-General of the Parliament,
  •  Ministry undersecretaries,
  • Head of religious affairs,
  • Governors,
  • Metropolitan mayors,
  • Those sent to participate in international official negotiations, contracts or international meetings to attend congresses and conferences, on behalf of the government,
  • Those sent to serve permanent or temporary duties by foreign governments or international entities,
  • Government officials and their families who are in political couriers duties etc. can have black passports. 
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